Tuesday, July 10, 2012

        This may come as a surprise to some and some it may not but in case you haven't had the chance to try on a SmudgeGuard Glove you are missing out! They are fairly old now as far as date of invention but if you are an Artist and it doesn't matter whether you are a Traditional or Digital Artist these handy little gems will help speed up your production time ten fold.
 For illustrators using no. 2 pencils or pen 'n' ink, it can not help prevent unwanted smudges from charcoal though. Now for digital artists using a tablet let's say the Cintiq, "that's my favorite", it not only prevents smudging but also helps your wrist to glide across the monitor screen like grease lightning! Plus it helps not to smudge up your screen which is a pain in the @$$ to wipe every time you see a dirty spot!

 Here's a screencap of the glove that came out first right here

For use with a Bic Pen

With a pencil

With a... crayon? Yes folks even crayons or any creative tool that will leave a smudge or dirty mess behind

For a peek at the Colors, Sizes and Prices
The single finger glove goes for $14.99 and the double finger for $16.99 which is a pretty fair price.

And don't worry about whether or not the gloves will fit... well, like a glove or not because they even have a sizing chart and I can personally vouch for them fitting. As soon as mine arrived in the mail I tried them on and BAM! instantly fit right to the form of my hand like magic. I was skeptical at first but when I put them on and tried them out I was a firm believer from that point on.
Here's their size adjustment chart below

More Reasons to Buy a SmudgeGuard you ask? Well have a look at theirs? (And by the way this and all this subject matter was respectfully from the website and I take no credit for it.)

 And there are 3 more colors to choose from now! Like Lavender, Burgundy and they just came out with a new and improved glove, it has an added finger sleeve now, here it is

So hop on over to the website and check 'em out! They are Guaranteed to help 110% or your money back! All the FAQ's are on her website.

Do yourself a favor and get a few, really all you need is two because I have had mine for about 5 years now since 2008 and they are still doing what are supposed to just fine. For a look at these godsends go see for yourself?

The proud inventor's name of this marvelous glove is Jeannie Lit. Here's her link, just click on the banner  

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