Sunday, January 13, 2013

FREE BOOKS. If I can have a moment of your time please? Thanks.

 If you could take a look at my bookshelf here  I would appreciate it much! And please have a llok at the Wish List too. You see I have books listed where you, "If you are a member", can get FREE books, that's right I said absolutely FREE. And have books in my wish list that I would like to get. I'll explain it all if you read on further.

 If anyone would like to know where to get free Books, well the only amount that it will cost you is the shipping but otherwise the books are free!
The other week I stumbled upon this website called Paperbackswap and to my surprise found out that I joined sometime in 2008? "How bout that", I said I had forgotten about it.
 Anyway it works like this, you list a book on your profile bookshelf, a swapper sees it and requests it or pulls it from your bookshelf you ship it out to them and they receive it and click that they received it and so you earn a credit which equals a book that you can get.
"Oh and by the way you automatically get two credits when you list your first ten books on your bookshelf to swap".
You then can scour the millions of possibilities of books, "i'm not kidding they have about 5 million available and still counting", that you want and when you find one can click on the "Order This Book" button and congratulations you now will be getting a book from some swapper which they to have to ship it out to you as the same way you did for other swappers.

 When I first listed my books, some sixty or so? I swapped twenty eight right off the bat in two days. This site works fast, but there is a chance you may not get to request a book or many right away? You may have to wait until someone lists that book that you want, I know because I have waited a while but the rewards are plenty when you get your books in the mail absolutely FREE. You know what they say, Murphy's Law.

 So there you have it an awesome book website where you can circumvent the fees of listing from sales platforms such as ebay, amazon and so on.