Tuesday, July 24, 2012

   Well I was at my desk the other day, you know... drawing and checking my email, the usual thing and my Niece comes over and says that she has a great idea for a doll! I said, "Oh yeah? What sort of idea? She says to me, "It's a Monster High Doll!" And I said to her I know the ones because I have seen their cartoons on youtube a few times when they were first marketing them aggressively. They aren't bad at all?

Anyway, she explains to me the whole shebang and I said, "not a bad idea... did you come up with this yourself Marah?! That's my Nieces name. She said well kind'a and then she explained to me that her Aunt, Mom and Her spontaneously thought it up in a conversation they were having. My Niece took her Aunt's name, which is "Charlene" and merged it with the word, "Shark" and came up with, "Sharklene", pretty ingenious really.
Soon after my Niece had to go to a friend's Birthday Party so I took all the specifications of the doll and began to work on the concept sketches then I drawn it out and finished it and made a model sheet that has all the doll's likes, dislikes, pet, name, age, you know like a dossier.

 When my Niece got back from the Birthday party she was ecstatic and said that's great! That's how I thought she would look like! So here it is a new version of a Monster High Doll that my Niece thought up.                              
                                      Meet Sharklene!

Now I have a few more things to do till I'm done but I'm having fun and hey... this is for my Niece. Even if Mattel doesn't go for the idea she can still say she thought her up, right?!

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