Sunday, December 30, 2012

New addition for the Gallery

      As you know by now I love creating fine art and for those of you who read this blog regularly know this. Today I just finished a painting of a nice little Manta ray, well okay he's not so little but I want to point out something, all of what you will see here is a display mockup meaning everything but the painting itself is faux.
I made it all entirely in Photoshop without the aid of textures or photos, "including the art itself large enough to print of course" to accentuate or show how aesthetically pleasing it would look on your wall.

 I will be doing more projects like this in the coming posts so keep an eye on this blog. Oh and I meant to say this earlier, the glares on the art are not actually on the painting, those are there to sell the image so to speak, to help make it look as real as possible. If you would like to see the painting naked or it without all the glares and fx then please check back here again after New Years by then I will post the link to the Gallery it will be for sale at. As always any comments or questions please don't hesitate to ask, you can find my email on my Blog Profile page.


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