Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"The Pulps"


   I laid down a background wash of red and muddled or dry brushed some black in as an contrasting accent to dirty it up a bit with a 4" L998 Gesso Flat.
 For the eye, wall, blood and knife I used a no. 6 and 8 Royal & Langnickel Flat and Filbert by lightly pulling the paint you get a nice texture look. I learned a nifty little trade secret from a friend on how to achieve straight lines, you just use a ruler as a mahlstick that way you get straight lines every time. The key light or glare on the eyeball and knife blade were achieved by dabbing and gently pulling a half loaded brush just so that it looks like a there is a glimmer. I used a tooth brush with the red color to get a speckled effect around the edges. All of the art except for the type was painted and I added the type in Photoshop. The original was sold, the price was $350. But you can still get a print from my Gallery on Society6 here http://society6.com/monstersrobotsandfinks/The-Pulps-How-far-will-you-let-it-take-you_Print

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